Love Can Only Go Up – a Visual Novel Kickstarter Preview

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Love Can Only Go Up (link to kickstarter campaign) is the kind of visual novel that doesn’t just dip its toes into one genre—it cannonballs straight into a pool of romance, finance, and adulting, making a splash that’ll keep you hooked from start to finish. Imagine yourself as a young gun in the finance world, fighting tooth and nail to save a sinking investment fund while navigating the treacherous waters of office politics and, hey, maybe even finding a little love in the process.

But hold onto your hat, because this game isn’t just about swiping right and making googly eyes. Nope, it’s got a trading system that’ll have you sweating bullets as you try to rake in $100 million in just three months. Every decision you make is like a roll of the dice—will you hit the jackpot or crash and burn? Only time will tell.

Of course, it’s not all about making bank. Love Can Only Go Up dives headfirst into the messy, complicated world of relationships, where every choice you make could send shockwaves through the office. Whether you’re cozying up to a colleague by the water cooler or keeping things strictly professional, the game serves up plenty of drama and heartache to keep you on your toes.

Oh, and did we mention the steamy scenes? Yeah, there’s some adult content in there for those who like a little spice in their visual novels. But if that’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry—the vanilla version keeps things PG-13, so you can focus on the romance without all the, ahem, distractions.

And here’s the cherry on top: Kickstarter backers get some seriously sweet perks, including bonus story content and stretch goals that promise to take the game to the next level. So if you’re ready for a wild ride filled with love, money, and everything in between, buckle up and get ready to see just how high love can really go.

18+ content in Love Can Only Go Up

It’s an adult game and there will be 18+ version of Love Can Only Go Up—it’s basically like the director’s cut with all the steamy scenes left in. We’re talking about at least six planned adult scenes here, adding a whole new level of heat to the game.

So, if you’re into getting a bit more up-close and personal with the characters, this version’s got you covered. It’s all about exploring those passionate and intimate moments that you might not get in the vanilla version.

Of course, it’s not for everyone, and if you’re not into that kind of stuff, no worries! You can stick with the vanilla version and still get all the romance without the extra steam.

But for those who want to turn up the heat a notch, the 18+ version offers a deeper dive into the characters’ relationships and adds a whole new layer of realism and emotional intensity to the game.

Love Can Only Go Up – our pros and cons:


  1. Unique Blend of Genres: Love Can Only Go Up offers a refreshing combination of romance, finance, and adult themes, providing a diverse and engaging experience for players.
  2. Dynamic Gameplay: The inclusion of a trading system adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to make strategic decisions that directly impact the outcome of the story.
  3. Narrative Depth: The game promises to explore mature themes in a nuanced manner, offering both lighthearted romance and deeper explorations of personal struggles and moral ambiguity.
  4. Replay Value: Multiple endings and randomized events ensure that each playthrough is unique, encouraging players to revisit the game to uncover different outcomes and story paths.
  5. Accessibility: The trading system is designed to be accessible to beginners, providing clear explanations of financial terms and concepts without overwhelming players with complexity.


  1. Mature Content: While the inclusion of adult themes may appeal to some players, it may limit the audience for the game and potentially alienate those who prefer a more family-friendly experience.
  2. Focus on Romance: While romance is a central aspect of the game, players who are more interested in the finance or business aspects may find the emphasis on relationships to be distracting or overwhelming.
  3. Limited Scope: The Kickstarter campaign outlines a specific set of features and content for the game, which may leave some players feeling restricted in terms of gameplay options and story depth.
  4. Uncertainty: As with any Kickstarter project, there is always a degree of uncertainty regarding the final product, including potential delays, changes to the scope or content, and the overall quality of the game upon release.

Overall, Love Can Only Go Up shows promise as an innovative and immersive visual novel experience, but potential backers should carefully consider their preferences and expectations before pledging their support. It’s already past 30%, so I hope this project will be released.

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