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Who doesn’t like collectible card games like Magic: the Gathering or maybe popular digital Hearthstone, where you fight enemies and open boosters to get more cards. Chick Wars is quite popular and number one hentai CCG game, released by Nutaku. It’s very addictive and now it’s available for free for PCs and smartphones online – though obviously just like with Magic the Gathering, Pay Per Win is there too, mostly on higher, competitive levels.

Hentai Magic the Gathering?

Chick Wars was previously called “Cunt Wars” and the name was probably too much, hence the rebrand. In this online game you will play as the protagonist named “Adam”, who collects his numerous harem of fantastic warriors, sorceresses, elves and other girls taken straight from fantasy literature and RPG games to set them up in battles against other players on the tactical map.

hentai game chick wars

There’s always plenty to do in Chick Wars and you won’t get bored easily.

You will expand your army (and harem in one) it by collecting treasures, gold, gems and chicks, ready to serve you on the battlefield as well as in bed.

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Team selection screen

You will select your team from literally hundreds of girls, but you must collect them first – almost like Pokemons. Each character has attack skill (a sword or bow symbol for shooters), life points – HP and many special abilities such as vampirism, regeneration or buffs. This matches your girl’s race or profession, for example Ice Wizard will freeze enemies, while your sexy bard will inspire. Choosing a team, combining the best synergies and connections between chicks is of course one of the most interesting features of the game and can glue you for many hours. At the bottom, there are buttons allowing you to sort by allegiance, character class, and card rarity. You can also add cards to your favorites.

puppet mistress hentai

For example, the demonic Pupper Mistresscan summon puppets to the battlefield and later adds a bonus to all allies after summoning a vampiric character. Because he can manipulate others, the quote of this generously endowed demon is “”Relax. From now on, I control your sexual performance.” As you can see, there is even some flavor text, just like in Magic: the Gathering cards.

Hentai CCG – or Collectible Card Game

As you acquire new cards of the same type you own, you develop your characters, and this not only increases their potential in combat, but also undresses your chicks, causing them to shed more and more skimpy clothes, bending in sexy poses. The previous look can be seen by clicking on the arrows in the character portrait. Advanced characters can also be transformed into others, bonded with other girls and reborn, adding them permanent bonuses. You can also provide a temporary boost to any characters, increasing their skills for a few days or a week of play, in exchange for potions.

There are three types of alignment or race and you can mix them freely in the deck. There are no constrains, though some characters synergize better – it’s all up to you what tactics you want to achieve.

Order – Forces of good. This category includes noble paladins, archers, priestesses of good gods, angels attacking with fury of the heavens and other lawful creatures.

Chaos – Your evil troops. Sexy demons, monsters such as dragons, gorgons and other sensual representatives of forces fighting the order.

Nature – Among the neutral forces of nature you will find various forest creatures, dryads, druids, sexy orcs with big boobs or lizardfolk.

Cards also have their 4 degrees of rarity: from common, rare, epic, to the most valuable – legendary, similare to the Magic the Gathering card games. There are many ways to get new cards: you usually get them in random chests for winning battles, completing quests, buying for gold, and you can even get them from other players and gift it your to friends, which allows the recipient to gain additional experience points and complete quests.


magic the gathering adult game

Players can also participate in a clan wars, that reset every few days. You will coordinate activities to occupy enemy territories, in return receiving rewards in the form of additional cards and gold. The more territories you claim, the bigger the bonus. It is worth joining a clan, or create your own, gathering a team of players from around the world, or from your own country. A flag is displayed next to each player, indicating which country they came from. The clan war usually lasts a few days, and then the board is reset. The blue indicator on the right shows the current stage.

magic the gathering hentai

The fight is turn-based and in each turn you have the option of placing one of four randomly warriors randomly chosen from your deck of eight . Your strategy must also take into account board setting, with various bonuses and buildings such as rocks protecting against attacks or spikes that give damage to the attacker. Your hero also gains access to global spells, each of which can be cast once in a battle and their skilful use can often tip the scales of battle to your side. You will be later able to buy new hero, each with a different set of spells and skills, though that requires quite a lot of crystals, which can be obtained via payments or just by grinding.

Speaking of which, there are several types of currencies in the game, gold is basic and crystals are premium currency. The latter are valuable and worth saving, and you can also buy them for real money, as befits online games. Nevertheless, even the premium currency, i.e. crystals, is available in a normal game and although you’ll be getting it slowly, there is nothing to prevent you from getting them as much as you want, provided you’re ready for some grind – which isn’t boring by the way.

Winning more battles unlocks the character level, which in turn adds more skills and opens more game modes. You will be able to play not only in league battles, but also in special tasks with premade decks, or in a tournament in which you play with all cards you’ve gathered, selected randomly, or against bosses with special rules. An interesting mini-game is also a gold mine, where you can win this ore every day, destroying gold statues. There is a lot to do in Chick Wars and with lots of game modes you will always have somethnig to do.

magic the gathering hentaiPerforming quests unlocks hentai sex scenes. Some scenes are limited, in the sense that they can be unlocked only after completing the event campaign, i.e. one that occurs only temporarily – usually for two weeks. Unlocked scenes, can then be reviewed in the gallery for your enjoyment.

Here’s why you should play this hentai game:

  • Not very complicated tactical system – will appeal to casual players as well as veterans. The game is indeed playable and, apart from plenty boobs, it also offers hours of fun.
  • Lots of chicks to collect, literally hundreds of characters to unlock + sex scenes.
  • Regular updates, tons of events and content. It’s worth checking back everyday to get new bonuses and play limited events.
  • Clan wars are attended by a lot of players.
  • Everything can be obtained by playing – though some grind will be necessary in order to get premium currency.

To start playing, simply register a free account on Nutaku. Good luck: hot warriors and eager sorceresses are waiting!

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